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Image Compatibility Issues
Posted by: soverton007
12:00 AM | Information News
If there are any issues with eStat not pulling information try clicking on the Compatibility View Icon that is located in the URL bar.  This icon looks like a broken page, when hovered over with the pointer the icon should display Compatibility View.  If upgraded to Internet Explorer 11 the site will have to be added to the compatibility view by selecting the tools icon (looks like a sprocket), Compatibility View settings, and click the Add button.  If there are any issues please contact our Marketing department for assistance.
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Image Load Tracking Program
Posted by: adminacct
12:00 AM | Information News

Crete/Hunt/Shaffer has upgraded to a new load tracking program.  Please click on the Full Story link below once you have logged in to access the eStat Getting Started Guide. 

Thank you for your continued service.

Email:   Rates@cretecarrier.com      Toll Free:   800-998-8000 ext. 201

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